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Yarn Singeing
Machine: SSM, Switzerland
Capacity: 1000 kgs. / day
Yarn singeing machine is specially designed to minimize the pilling in the yarn. Singed yarn will provide a soft fee, clean surface good lusture in the fabric and it significantly enhances the perceived value of the garment. A garment manufactured with singed yarn will provide better value for money as the fresh look will be retained after many washes.

STARFISH software controlled fabric engineering techniques are employed to set and monitor fabric dimensions in knitting. Knitting department has an array of imported circular knitting machines in various diameters that can knit Jerseys, Heavy Jerseys, Piques, Interlocks, Ribs, Engineering stripes, Auto stripes, mini & full jacquards, Fleece & French Terry.

Continuous research is carried out to minimize wastage in the fabric and recently we have imported 54 diameter knitting machine, one of the biggest in India, to save the fabric wastage. The knitting machines used are:

Pai Lung
Lebocey Orizio
Vignoni Monarch Flat knitting machine - Kauo Heng

Yarn Dyeing
Machine: Dalal - India
HTHP sample yarn dyeing machine supports for quicker development of yarn dyed samples.

Fabric dyeing
A state-of-the-art laboratory facilitates the dyeing and finishing of various fabrics with respect to color fastness and dimensional stability according to customer requirement. We use 100%
eco-friendly dyes and chemicals.

Our production capacity is 10,000 kgs. per day

Machinery & Equipment    
Jumbo Relax Dryer
Santex, Switzerland
Shoe type compacting
Tubetex, USA

Mathis Lab dyeing machine
Hi-tech Laboratory
Hi-tech computer colour matching
and Morapex online fastness tester
Lab auto dispensing

Reverse Osmosis Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment
Multi effect evaporator with salt recovery system and Reverse Osmosis plant supports in the Recycling of effluent water.

STORMAC multi-color rotary printing machine (Flatbed printing machine)
Chest screen printing machine (Flock printing machine)
Pneumatic Transfer printing machines

Patterns are developed using computers. Using rotary and flatbed printing machine, we can produce 7000 kgs. per day. Our chest printing screen-printing facility is for 4000 pieces per day.

Water base, Reactive, Discharge, Glitter, Plastisol, Flock, Burn-out, Titanium and Radium

Tie & Dye
The traditional Tie & dye method of fabric design is used with eco-friendly d yes and chemicals and innovative color combinations. We can produce 3000 pieces per day.

Garment dyeing
Capacity: 3000 pcs. per day
Garments are processed in electronically controlled Garment dyeing units. This gives perfect dyeing, vintage look and wash effects. The same machines are used for fabrics as well as garments to produce the following effects:

UV finish Anti-microbial wear
Water repellant finish Perfumed finish
Stone wash Bio-wash
Enzyme wash Moisture management wash - Wicking

Capacity: 15,000 pcs. per day
Garmenting is done in units with proper lighting, good floor space and amenities. Legal and statutory norms with respect to social systems and physical facilities are provided. Inspection of pieces at various stages ensures good quality garments:

Other Special Processes    
The embroidery division is equipped with 2 nos. of 9 color, 20 head imported computerized embroidery machines from Barudan, Japan.

Applique fixing:
Applique designs on our garments are completely machine-made and stitched to perfection.
Stone fixing:
High quality stones and studs are fixed on garments using ultrasonic light system.